Greenbelt International Folk Dancing (IFD) Group
Covid-19 Policy  - starting June 1, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic, both locally and nationally, has subsided significantly over the past year. The federal COVID-19 public health emergency declaration ended on May 11, 2023. Attitudes within our dance community have also evolved.

New COVID-19 Policy:

    - Masks and COVID-19 vaccinations/boosters will no longer be required, and are optional.

    - Sign-in at the door with your name and contact information (in case of need for contact tracing).

    - Do not attend the in-person dance if you are feeling ill.

    - If you test positive for COVID-19 within 5 days after attending one of our in-person dances, please contact Linda [] or John [] ASAP.

    - If you test positive, do not attend an in-person dance for at least the next 10 days or until 3 days after a negative test.

Last Updated:  May 26, 2023 - 11:35 pm