Olga Vonikaki

Olga Vonikaki has had a life-long passion for Greek dance and culture.

Born in Kavala, Greece, Olga studied Greek dancing with Vasilios Papachristou, Mr. Yiannis Doukas and with Dora Stratou. She has danced with groups from across Greece, including Lykeion Thessalonikis, Laografiki Etaireia Thessalonikis, Lykeion Kavalas and with the dancers of Dora Stratou.

Since moving to the the US more than twenty years ago, she has been teaching Greek traditional dancing, specializing in leading children's dance groups, one of which won the silver prize at the East Coast Greek Youth Competition.

Olga teaches Greek dance and Greek language with an emphasis on youth. Her workshops are fun and interactive. While learning the dances, students gain an experiential understanding of Greek history and culture. Her classes at Washington, DC area Greek schools over the past two decades have attracted over a thousand students.